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These are all the main Jobs available in each resort, most jobs do not require experience and will ask only that you turn up on time, fresh and with the right attitude. All training will be provided on arrival. What will you spend your summer doing?

bar maid pouring pint

Bar Staff

Are you quick on your feet and even faster with your hands? Well being behind the bar might be for you. This role will have you serving up shots, mixed drinks and of course cocktails. Don’t forget that bottle opener, you’re going to need it!

two female prs pointing at the camera

PR (Public Relations)

A great PR is energetic, chatty and enthusiastic. Your role is simple enough, lure happy tourists into your bar or club and keep the place booming. If you’re the type of person who loves meeting new people and moving while you work then being a PR may be for you.

drinks in stereo bar

Glass Collector

It might not the most glamorous job, but someone has to do it. The upside to glass collecting is that once you’ve mastered your craft you can enjoy a relatively simple job. Keep those tables clean and don’t go too heavy on the free drinks and you will be laughing in no time.

chef looking at camera crossing two knifes

Restaurant Staff

Waiting tables, taking orders and serving up drinks. Working as restaurant staff can be relaxed at times, but watch out for those busy rush hours. The benefits of working in a fast paced team means restaurant staff are always good friends, let’s not forget the occasional free food and drink too!

3 shot girls standing out side the front of alex's Magaluf

Shot Girl

Time to turn up the charm, this role will see you serving the tourists with what they want most, shots! If you’re flirty, fun and full of love then selling shots is a great way to earn some money. Uncapped commissions means your hard work really pays off with this role.

hotel rep for sol house standing behind bar

Hotel Rep

If you’re good with people and have a professional vibe then consider being a holiday rep this summer. It can be a demanding job as you’ll have to be on hand to help tourists at a moment’s notice, but it’s certainly rewarding to see satisfied customers at the end of their holiday.

event seller stood at a standing handing out a leaflet

Event Sales

Great communication skills and being fearless in front of a big group are the qualities you’ll need to succeed in event sales. It’s a great way to earn cash as the uncapped commissions mean every hour you work really pays off. You don’t need sales experience to give this role a go, but if it all goes well you’ll be a smooth talking master by the end of the season.

rep standing at a stand

Event Rep

Someone has to keep the chaos under control and it could be you! Event reps are you loud, energetic and always up to party. If handling large groups of people and getting crazy with the tourists sounds good to you then this is the role for you. From pre parties to booze cruises. There is never a dull moment in this job.

2 vip hosts holding grey goose bottles with sparkers

VIP Host/Hostess

It’s not just cheap drinks in these resorts, many people come to party in style. This role will have you serving up drinks for exclusive VIP’s all night long. From pouring champagne to lining up shots of the finest vodka. You’ll have to be personable and customer orientated to earn yourself one of these highly sought after jobs.

a dj behind the decks and laptop at a bar


If you’ve got the necessary skills to DJ then this job is a summer dream. Be the man or woman keeping the party pumping as the crowds that flock to our resorts dance the night away to your beats. You might have to emcee on the mic or just keep the vibes chilled with some light mixing, in either case this a highly desirable job.

dancer at oceans beach Magaluf on a podium


This role will certainly keep you on your toes as you’ll be dancing through the night. Think you’ve got the confidence to strut your stuff on a podium for some of busiest venues in your resort? Well Dancing might just be for you. With competitive pay and frequent breaks, this job is perfect for anyone who knows how to move their body!

photographer taking a picture of 2 men


One of the more unique ways to spend your summer abroad, with what happens on holiday stays on holiday being a thing of the past, your job is to capture is to capture the moment and give party goers something to remember their holiday by. So if you have any experience or even your own camera then don’t forget to pack it as this is a great alternative way to spend your summer.

tattooist giving a new tattoo to a girl lying down


Someone has to give those tourists their very first tattoo and it could be you. If you have experience in this field then the sky’s the limit. Artists are always in high demand and it’s certainly one of the best working environments you could ask for. High pay and daytime hours make this position perfect for anyone with the skill!

man getting a skin fade

Hairdresser / Barber

Are you an artist with the scissors? Or can you cut a fade like no one else? Barbering and hairdressing is a great role for anyone with the experience, its pleasant daytime work in a nice environment. Plus there is a great opportunity to make some money if you’re willing to put in the work.

security guard stood in front of bar


Know how to handle yourself in a tense situation? Security might be the job for you. Good security staff are calm, collected yet incredibily firm. Your role is to keep an eye on the sometimes too drunk tourists in your bar or club, a great upside to this position is that it mostly involves watching over a happy group of people.